Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Couples trying to achieve pregnancy for more than three years without success may need to consider and investigate In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) as an option.

Richardson Ajayi, managing director, The Bridge Clinic, Nigeria’s foremost assisted-conception centre, gave this advice at an interactive session with health writers in Lagos, recently.

According to Ajayi, “It is advisable for couples who have tried to achieve pregnancy for three years without success to go for IVF. IVF is a method of creating an artificial condition for a natural process and it enhances an environment similar to that present in the womb to achieve pregnancy.”

He noted that various causes of infertility can broadly be classified as ovarian problems, uterine problems, tubal problems and semen abnormalities are cases where IVF offers a solution. “The purpose of IVF is to allow the sperm and egg to meet as this is a challenge with the causes of infertility and IVF is the hallmark of treatment for Infertility,” Ajayi reiterated.

Bridge Clinic’s Scientific Director, Peter Hollands, a renowned embryologist whose appointment was in keeping with the vision of offering global standard IVF services to clients, further explained the processes in which occur in the laboratory to assure quality and sustainable outcomes. Hollands attends to details to reduce to the minimum side effects from the procedure, gametes mix-up amongst others. He also ensures best practice as he brings to the table, a wealth of experience in reproductive medicine.

With regard to standards and regulation in the Clinic, Ajayi stated that the IVF process of The Bridge Clinic is the benchmark in assisted-conception services in Nigeria with an annual certification audit carried out by the accrediting body of TUV Austria, most recently led by Bruno Imthurn, a professor, in the IVF department, Zurich.... “We have a duty and responsibility to provide our clients with the same standard of healthcare that is acceptable in the United Kingdom and other European countries because there is and should be only one standard for healthcare delivery. Our quality assurance and control processes are put to the scrutiny of our Scientific Director.’

Ajayi also used the opportunity to intimate all present of The Bridge Clinic’s activities in the nearest future which included the launch of the LASUTH IVF Facility, a facility which will largely subsidise the cost of IVF treatment. Through this avenue, courses will be drawn up and integrated into Medical students’ curriculum to afford them the first-hand basis to learn more about reproductive health. The Bridge Clinic also has a Foundation called ASPIRE whose main driver is LIHN – Let IT Happen Naturally, a programme designed to reach out to the Nigerian youth and enlighten them on infertility and its causes. The Bridge Clinic is also expected to expand its clinic network across the nation.

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