Saturday, November 7, 2015

Physicians tasked on new IVF techniques

Dr. Ajayi
Fertility expert, and managing director, Nordica Fertility Centre, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi has advised physicians in the country to embrace new  In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) techniques in order to improve success rates, and meet up with international best practices.
He gave the advice during the recent round table organized by the centre for physicians with the theme “Personalized IVF: Techniques to improve success rate.”
He said the personalised idea involves the need to look at each couples’ need, and “what needs to be done for them that is peculiar to them.”
Ajayi said physicians should be able answer their patients questions on why IVF fails.
 “They should be able to answer questions on necessary tests that might be even outside the scope of what they do normally in IVF. For example, if anybody is not looking at the uterus in Nigeria, he or she is wasting time on IVF. Because we know that a lot of Nigerian women have problems with their uterus.
It is either they have done surgery before, like surgery for fibroids, or caesarian section, which has left a scare, and doing IVF  on such a  woman is like a putting a baby on a foam that is not comfortable,  the baby can’t sleep well,” he explained.
While stating that IVF has improved in many ways in the country, ranging from drugs to equipment, media used, to ways of selecting sperms and embryos, he said  they are now focusing on the part played by the endometrium in IVF.

He said the round table was aimed at exchanging ideas, increasing the knowledge of doctors, and brainstorming on what is happening all over the world, in order to do it in Nigeria.
According to him, in the last 13 years, Nordica Fertility Centre has produced about 1,100 IVF children.

Source: the Guardian